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The trilingual app brings conversational ASL to life. We start off with basic signs and gradually lead to more advance signs and phrases. With our amazing features and easy navigation our ASL Trilingual App is developed to make learning easy, fun and accessible for people around the world. We understand our busy lifestyles often get in the way of studying a new language. With our app we bring the lessons to you!

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The motivation behind creating our Trilingual app was to unite Deaf ASL users with their Spanish and English speaking families and friends. As an educator and family member of an amazing Deaf niece and nephew, I have witnessed the lack of communication among our family and other families with Deaf relatives. My heart’s desire is to bridge that gap and unite these beautiful cultures through American Sign Language. Rather than experiencing frustration with limited trilingual resources found online, wewanted to make learning ASL easier by accommodating to a bilingual audience.

Upon purchasing the subscription new videos will be added throughout the year to keep you engaged and perfecting your ASL skills.

How can this app help me?

What makes us authentic? Our team behind this.

The lessons are brought to you by Hispanic Deaf native signers and Sign Language Professionals. We all have one goal in mind, and that is to unite Deaf with their families and remove any barriers to keep them from learning ASL. Each of us bring unique skills to this app. Our creative videos are administered at a basic level for complete understanding and mastery. ASL Trilingual App can be easily run on Android and iOS platforms. Start learning today and start communicating with Deaf family and friends tomorrow.

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ASL Trilingual App Functionality

We have developed an outstanding user interface that is easy to navigate and user friendly.

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Upon opening the app you will have a sign up option. You may register by linking your Google account, email, or social media account and phone number.


Enjoy the learning only at $4.99 for whole year including all fresh content.

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After signing in, choose the section you would like to startwith and enjoy your ASL trilingual educational experience.

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The ASL Trilingual App offers variety of features that facilitate in the learning process. Our mobile app development strategy is simple, make learning easy for our users and they will be coming back for more!

Our Unique App Features

The ASL Trilingual app have very unique and outstanding features that uses image and video processing techniques to differ the hand from the background then identify the fingertips to understand the gestures.

More content to Learn

We proudly bring you the basics of ASL with ABC’s, numbers, days of the week and other important starting links. Remember our features are signed using ASL, and have English and Spanish subtitles.


Our aim is to bridge the gap of communication among Deaf signers with their family and friends. Our services are brought to you at low cost to ensure everyone can be part of this learning tool.

Easy to Navigate

Users can easily navigate from one category to another with a single click.

Clean User Interface

Users will have a smooth and pleasant experience navigating our app on their mobile phones or devices.

Experts Content

Our professionals have over 30 years’ experience working with Spanish and English speaking non-signers. We bring our expertise to life for our users.

Regular updates

Our number one goal remains to unite our Deaf community with their friends and family. We want to ensure your learning is not hindered by app malfunctions. Our team is dedicated to ensuring regular updates are maintained so learning has no interruptions.

Do You Have Questions

In this section, you will get to know more about deaf community and culture. Our team has tried to clear all your doubts before using this app.

A set of art, behavior, tradition, values, shared institutions, and social environment among communities influenced by Deaf individuals.

No, American Sign Language is not universal. There are perhaps three hundred sign languages in use around the world today. The number is not known with any confidence; new sign languages emerge frequently through creolization and de novo (and occasionally through language planning).

The "uppercase D" Deaf is used to describe people who identify as culturally Deaf and are actively engaged with the Deaf community.

The "lowercase d" deaf simply refers to the medical condition of having hearing loss. People who identify as deaf with a lowercase d often don't have a strong connection to the Deaf community and most likely do not use sign language, preferring to communicate orally.

Not all Deaf people can read lips. Most Deaf people will let you know the communication method they feel most comfortable using when communicating. Deaf may choose to communicate via paper and pen or use a sign language interpreter. If they can read your lips, please do not yell or exaggerate your mouth movements, speak naturally.

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